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Below is a quick guide to help you set up your email account on most Android devices. Please note, you will need to have an Exchange account on the CyberMAIL or HorizonMAIL server in order to follow the guide.

Access the Application

On your Android device go to the Settings app on your device.


Select Accounts & sync (Accounts)

Select Add

Select Exchange ActiveSync (Microsoft)


Adding your Account (see below screenshot)



Password:   *****

Make sure that all the details are correct then select Next.

Enter the server details (see below screenshot)


For CyberMAIL Server:

For HorizonMAIL Server:

Domain: Cybermail or Horizon (Optional)


Some devices may combine the domain and username the settings as domain\username. On those devices, precede your email address with a backslash (for example, \


SSL Certificate:

Select This server requires an encrypted SSL connection. Select Next to verify and enter the descriptive name of the account. Select Finish set up.


Syncing Exchange Account and Configuration

Once the ActiveSync account is verified, you can select which additional information you would like to sync onto your device. You can select Contacts, Calendar, Reminder and Notes. You can change the configuration at anytime by going back to the Account Info.

Select Setting>Account & Sync>Exchange Account ActiveSync (Microsoft)



For further info or technical issue, please contact Cybersquad IT on 1300 300 497.